Diverters and merges are commonly used to divide the flow of products into multiple lanes or flows. TCS is proud to offer a full range of diverters and merges; from a fully integrated servo controlled diverter to simple gate style pneumatics diverts.


TCS company's grippers are designed as an in-line elevator/lowerator. Their main functions are product upending and inverting, lift sections for diverting, and a rotating discharge.

These grippers provide gentle, secure product handling through elevation changes. They can be engineered for adjustable product openings using a single hand wheel adjustment.


These are conveyor sections that can be easily pivoted to gain access for personnel, carts, and fork lifts. They eliminate the need for walk-overs and duck-unders.


Our upenders are tailored to your application to ensure they produce the maxium results and production rates that provide you a competitive advantage. The quality, performance and durability is unparalleled in the industry.

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